Defiance Power and Progression Changes Detailed for Arktech Revolution DLC

by on Mar 28, 2014

<p>Gear rating in <em>Defiance</em> is undergoing some changes in the <em>Arktech Revolution</em> DLC that will directly impact player power.</p>

Progression and difficulty is getting a major overhaul with Defiance’s upcoming Arktech Revolution DLC. In the past, Trion has tweaked weapons but they’ve never been of a massive difference from one weapon to the next. The new changes will be quite noticeable as the image below will illustrate.

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To compensate for the new boost in player power, enemy difficulty will also dynamically scale based on those taking part in the fight.

“Making players more powerful meant that we needed to make enemies bigger and badder, too – and not in name only. No one wants to rely on the UI to tell them that something awful is coming. With Arkfall Revolution you’ll see them coming, with a host of new (larger, tougher) enemies built to go toe-to-toe with the best ark hunters and deadliest groups.

Additionally, enemies need to be able to mitigate some of the advances in player skill by employing new tactics. The minigunner mutant, for example, might develop a propensity for rushing players in melee, drastically altering your strategies for dealing with it.”

If you’ve become attached to your weapons and don’t want to lose them, a new currency is being added called Arkforge, which can be obtained from Lockboxes and events and used to upgrade weapon and shield rating. Players that purchase Arktech Revolution will get 1,000 Arkforge in the Chimera Arktech Kit included with the DLC.

You can read the full rundown of the upcoming changes on the Defiance website. The Arktech Revolution DLC is expected to launch in April.

Source: Arktech Revolution - The March of Progress

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016