Derek Smart is charging $99 to buy into early access to Derek Smart presents Derek Smart's Line of Defense. Derek Smart justifies this price to PC Gamer with words, but in the end, it is Derek Smart charging $99 for a Derek Smart game. I mean, this is America and you can charge whatever you want, but given the history of Derek Smart games and how they're kind of, offbeat. Anyway, Derek Smart says the following:

The $99 EA price tag - which has a LOT of perks - ensures that only serious people who can provide meaningful feedback through their commitment, need apply. And for that they get a lot more than they would if they waited for the final game release. We're simply not interested in letting freeloaders gain early access to the game, not provide meaningful - if any - feedback, while we foot the bill for the backend services, servers, bandwidth etc. We're a SMALL independent game dev making a MASSIVE game in a genre dominated and monopolized by SOE and their popular @planetside2 series. [...] And unlike those other guys, we don't take your money, then plonk you in useless assets (how do you like that hanger now?), a largely unfinished product or a product that may not even see the light of day.

Burn Chris Roberts, Derek Smart has laid the smackdown on not only Star Citizen but SOE and Planetside 2. Watch out any MMOFPS or MMOTPS, Derek Smart is coming for you. Anyway, the basic idea is that it costs money to make a game and keep it running, so for the privledge of being a QA tester for Line of Defense you can pay them $99 to receive the game and whatever perks you can get.

Now, just to put this out there, but I'm not cool with the idea that Derek Smart disses Star Citizen's hanger module, even though I'm not really cool with the idea either, since I mean, that's rather inflammatory. Considering originally Derek Smart wasn't going to put female models into his game, but has recently changed his mind after everyone jumped down the throats of Ubisoft who wasn't making a female model for their latest Assassin's Creed game.

For the $99 you will receive the game and a item pack worth $69.99, plus some titles. For those who aren't aware of Derek Smart's history, he's often made very large games with very large ideas, but has never had the resources to polish them. His games are also very "high-tech" with a lot of features and skills. I forget which game it was um, Universal Combat, with a game manual that surpassed 100 pages.

Anyway, if you have $99 burning a hole in your pocket and want to hop into Derek Smart's latest game brought to you by Derek Smart, be sure to check steam as it hits Steam's early access any time now. 

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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