Destiny today received a major patch that will bring quite a few changes to the game, just in time for launch. Most notably (why bother making you dig through everything to get to the juiciest part here) is that subclass locks have been removed from the game. So, what does this mean? Now, you are no longer given an option to lock yourself into a particular build. Sure, doing so would give you a minor stat boost, but now you're able to stay open to experimenting with builds. Today's best min/max build might not be tomorrow's and you won't have to try to figure out what's best for longevity's sake.

The second point that people are discussing is that the windmill in Blind Watch “now pumps approximately 14% less liters of waters per match from 3.5L to 3L.” While this is the most discussed, a large majority are claiming Bungie is just being environmentally conscious. Thanking Bungie on California's behalf aside, the patch notes overall do have a great sense of humor throughout them. For example, another favorite line in notes is under the Raids section: “Flawless Raider achievement cut, then un-cut, then cut, then un-cut, then declared immune to further cutting.” Mostly, the community is happy that the Bungie devs are pointing out that not every decision is immediate and this issue was debated before any conclusion was reached.

What else is happening here? Assault and Scout Rifles have had their damage decreased, as well as Shotguns. Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles received a DPS boost. Like it or not, DPS nerfs and boosts happen, but at least Bungie is pushing the change at an opportune time – before the game launches. The Cabal Interceptor also received a decrease to ability damage and other attributes. PvP rewards have increased, Medals have received changes (such as Mark of the Unbroken threshold increase), and tweaks to the maps.

Overall, the first patch for the live game has been a massive update patch, rather than some minor bug fixing patch you would expect. While it is great that Bungie is doing this now, and giving their community super detailed notes, hopefully these changes will not be a regular occurrence. I might be wrong here, but I assume they won't be making sweeping changes on the regular and these are from data received during their beta tests.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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