Destiny players waste no time in finding the fastest most efficient way to grinding loot, and it looks like the Crimson Day event has just been cracked. The new crucible mode Crimson doubles awards players with light level 320 gear, that's end game level if you've been out of the Destiny scene for a while, no small potatoes. The loot is awarded after games, but as it turns out, you don't actually need to register any kills for that game.

To maximize the amount of game's they play, guardians are now immediately leaping to their death upon entering the matches to avoid the gameplay and get to what really matters, that sweet loot. In fact the tactic has gotten so popular that many are taking to the game's forum and Reddit looking for others that want to take part in a 'suicide run'. Bungie swooping in with a hotfix is unlikely (they did let the loot caves go on for quite some time), but if you're really wanting to get that Crimson day loot, you might want to start looking for a Juliet to your Romeo (or vice versa).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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