Today over at the PlayStation Blog, it was finally revealed what exactly the PlayStation only exclusive content would be, which was hinted at last week. When Destiny launches, PlayStation 3 and 4 owners will have access to a Strike, a competitive map, weapons, gear and ships.

PlayStation players can play through the Dust Palace Strike, which is a co-op Strike set on Mars. You and two of your friends can track the Cabal extraction team together, or you can queue for match pairing. The competitive map, called Exodus Blue, is a multiplayer map that pairs with Control and Skirmish game modes in a mid-sized Crucible arena.

Also available to PlayStation players will be class-specific armor; Manifold Seeker for Warlocks, Vanir for Titans, and Argus for Hunters. An assault rifle dubbed the Monte Carlo and a hand cannon called the Hawkmoon are PlayStation exclusives for weapons, while the Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer, and Outrageous Fortune are the exclusive ships.

While this is definitely a sweet deal for PlayStation owners, what does that mean for everyone else? Exclusive deals with consoles are nothing new, but it leaves gamers with one of two choices: buy the console and its matching version of the game you want the exclusive content for, or be denied. There are piles of cash at stake in the Great Console War, but let's be honest who the real losers in this war are, the fans.

While gamers these days do come with a whole flurry of entitlement issues, that's an article for another time. In the case of the Great Console War and content exclusivity, gamers here have a legitimate right to bitch, making it less of an entitlement issue for the masses. Gamers are collectors and they really do like stuff, even if this stuff only exists as pixels in a virtual world. This collector habit is why achievement systems in games work so well. Sure, some do it for the competitiveness and bragging rights, but many do them as another way to complete the game and their collections.

So, what happens if you want this exclusive content? Do you run out to your favorite retailer so you can purchase the console that comes with this content, along with what could be a second or third copy of the game you might already own? What does this mean for people who do have multiple consoles and game copies? Does owning the PlayStation version of Destiny mean you have access to the exclusive content if you're playing it on Xbox? We know that platforms, for reasons including competition with one another, also do not like mixing players from one ecosystem to another.

All in all, exclusive content for consoles will keep gamers, the group of people who buy these games, the true casualties in the Great Console War.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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