As if we needed any sign that Diablo 3's much-anticipated beta is coming very soon, the company has flicked the switch on the official community site.

Right now, as expecting, the site is pretty bare boned and also follows the lead from it's more established WoW and SCII siblings. There are sections focusing on media, including lovely wallpapers, screenshots and all of the promotional videos currently released, including those focusing on classes, professions and the original cinematic. There's also a forum - for which you will need a account and an active WoW/SCII account to post. The other sections, including a game guide, have yet to go live and the site itself only has two articles on it. That said, it's a start and a sign of the impending Diablo betapocalypse. Yes, it won't be long now.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016