If you’re one of the more active members of the Diablo III community, you could be one of the lucky few people selected by Blizzard to receive one of their friends and family testing phase for the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion. Friends and family testing is currently underway and along with friends and family, Blizzard will also be inviting members of the media as well as about 3,000 of the most active Diablo III players from around the world. And no on within this test will be bound by an NDA.

If you’re not one of those few selected don’t worry, closed beta is expected to begin for Reaper of Souls before the end of the year, so you’ll have another chance all be it a limited one. Blizzard will be keeping the closed beta limited with selections of players that have opted for the beta test via their Battle.net accounts.

Lastly, Blizzard also announced that the Diablo III Public Test Region will be launching about the same time as the Reaper of Souls beta, letting players with the Battle.net App and a valid Diablo III account can take part to help test some of the upcoming changes to Diablo III, starting with update 2.0.1. A few of the changes in that update includes the new Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0 systems, class adjustments, and more.

Source: Diablo III Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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