Blizzard today announced the official launch date for the first expansion to Diablo III with Reaper of Souls coming in March. Reaper of Souls will add the new Crusader class, a level cap increase to 70, new skills and spells, the new Adventure Mode feature, new story with Act V, and more.

The Reaper of Souls expansion launch will launch on March 25th, 2014, just one week after the scheduled removal of the gold and real-money auction houses on March 18th, 2014. Pre-orders are now available on in two flavors - the Standard Edition for $39.99 and the more robust Digital Deluxe Edition for $59.99, which includes the following additional items:

  • Exclusive helm- and weapon-transmogrification recipes for players to distinguish their characters among the champions of Sanctuary
  • A Spectral Hound minion players can summon to keep their adventurers company on their epic journey
  • Three additional character slots to accommodate new heroes
  • A World of Warcraft® in-game companion pet, the Treasure Goblin, ready to compete in Pet Battles
  • A set of StarCraft® II Crusader-themed® portraits and Malthael-themed decals

Source: Blizzard Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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