About Those Pretend ArcheAge Patch Notes?

Initially, I had my second point at the top, but let's start off with something light before we get into the heavy stuff. It's Thursday, so let's take it easy, OK? Redditor _ItsAllRelative posted a wishlist of patchnotes for ArcheAge, which a good portion of the community agrees on. Wishlists are fine, and sometimes even needed, but that's not even the significant part here. While _ItsAllRelative was critical about Trion not playing the game in the post's title, Scott Hartman, CEO for Trion Worlds, replied that he does play the game. He's played enough of it to have 6 level 50 characters and said that he's not even the most hardcore of players at Trion.

More importantly, Hartsman let us in on a bit of what it's like to be a development middle man, and the pains of working on someone else's material. A large community request for ArcheAge, something Trion is well aware of, is how PvP flagging currently works. Yes, they do want to fix this issue, but it requires rewriting an entire system of code. To sum it up, at the end, Hartsman states, “Reality is messy like that.”

About Layoffs For Elder Scrolls Online?

Bethesda announced that a round of layoffs for development and customer support teams recently happened, but people shouldn't be worried about it. When games ramp up to go live, companies will swell their teams to keep up with demand, especially in customer support areas, since an above average number of folks will need support for any issues they're experiencing for the game. Some companies will even do three-month contract positions to address this, letting their temporary hires know up front that they are just that – temporary. After the new game rush is over and populations stabilize, it's not necessary to keep teams bloated.

While I'm quite familiar with this on a personal level, from having experienced it myself, I understand that it's a necessary evil of the gaming industry. No one wants to lose their job, especially when you're really into what you're doing, but as fickle as the industry is, no job is permanent. Rather than criticize Bethesda and ZeniMax here for whether or not this is necessary, I am just going to wish everyone affected by this layoff the best possible luck in getting to that next thing as quickly as possible.

About Skyforge's Create-a-Class Contest?

Whew, now that the rough part is over, let's get back to some fun gaming news. For those lucky and creative community members, there are twenty closed beta keys up for grabs for upcoming MMO Skyforge. What do you need to do to win? Create a class you'd want to see in the game. Come up with a name for your class, what kind of combat style your class will have, and a description with some background or history for the class. Bonus points if your entry comes with fan art. Do you think I can woo the development team with my MS Paintings??

The contest runs until September 11. Entries need to be posted to the official forums, but this news post has all of the details for rules and regulations you'll need to follow in order to be considered. Good luck, everyone!

About ArcheAge's Open Beta Updates?

So, it's not open beta time yet, but as ArcheAge gets closer to its open beta stage, Trion is working on getting the game to where they want it to be for launch. Since ArcheAge is a free-to-play with optional subscription model – excuse me while I cringe and say freemium here, but the word fits – open beta pretty much means that these open beta changes also mean soft launch changes. These notes address changes to the Marketplace, and these are changes the community isn't very happy with, especially on two points: Workman's Compensation Labor Potions and Archeum Supply Crates.

Players are reading these notes as, even if they have a subscription, they'll still need to buy from the Marketplace in order to be effective and efficient in game. What's the big deal? First, labor potions have had their cooldown and price reduced, but since the cooldown is reduced, that just means that you are able to use more potions more often. The boxes have a chance to contain Archeum Ore and Tree Saplings, meaning people can spend money to play with RNG in hopes of getting crafting materials. Since this is technically open beta, these can still be adjusted. Trion is asking for community feedback (remember, keep it constructive) for these changes currently.

Or Rather See the New Shroud of the Avatar PAX & DragonCon Trailer?

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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