How to become part of the community!

No one likes someone who lurks in the shadows and doesn't say anything. This is probably because in every role-playing game in history players immediately want to be "the shadowy guy in the corner with an unknown past". Well, take off those sterotypical gamer shackles and come join the TenTonHammer Community!

We're loud, obnoxious, willing to speak our minds, and sometimes we can be downright mean! For this exact reason, all TenTonHammer sites have associated forums where community members can argue their points of view with others and even us. Our forums are also an avenue where players can throw up their own articles and submissions, and who knows, you might even get an email from the TenTonHammer staff asking if we can host your fine work.

So don't be that shadowy wizard in the corner of the bar anymore! Come join the TenTonHammer community and throw your thoughts in our forums.

You can find the TenTonHammer Warhammer Online forums Right Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016