If you've been following any of the Dota 2 news lately you've undoubtedly saw the record numbers being hit by the Compendium sales. With the prize pool reaching a record amount of over 17 million, the Dota 2 International is kicking off today the 27th at 12pm eastern with the first matches of the group stage. The group stages will then run all week long until the 30th where they will take a 4 day break before the main event picks up on August 3rd and runs to the 8th.

The game's biggest teams will all be competing for their share of the prize pool which has astounded analysts and fans alike with it's rapid ascention to new levels of Esports prize money. First place will take home a whopping 6.3 million of the pot, second place 2.7, third 2.1, and fourth 1.5. Prize money is given out all the way to 16th lpace which will receive a "measly" 52 thousand dollars.

To watch the tournament in all it's glory, you can load up the Official Dota 2 Twitch Stream.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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