Elysion will never be the same...

Lockpick Entertainment recently announced that its innovative fantasy MMORTS Dreamlords was re-entering a period of development following the close of the most recent era. According to CEO David Rosen as posted on the official site:

"Now for the part you might not like so much: We are not a big development studio with unlimited resources and we don’t have a large publisher behind us. In order for us to focus fully on Dreamlords: Re-awakened, Dreamlords will be unavailable for some time.

"Trust us, it hasn’t been an easy decision but after much consideration we have decided to let Dreamlords rest for a while. To be honest with you (as opposed to give you some corporate mumbo-jumbo) we simply can’t develop Dreamlords: Re-awakened at the same time as keeping up a good level of service with Dreamlords, it wouldn’t be fair to you nor us.

"This new part in the Dreamlords saga will introduce many new features, missions together with upgrades of various functions and we are really thrilled about it, to say the least."

There is no ETA for the re-release at this time. Stay tuned to the Dreamlords official site for updates.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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