The good people of Dungeon Bandits will be holding a new weekly brawl for players starting on March 6th. The fight will be hosted by the developers and a GM will be present for each fight. Winners of the event will also be eligible for monthly, quarterly and yearly contests. Read below for more details.

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Stressed out after a long week of workin' for "the man"?

Need a break from your normal weekend humdrum?

We've got the cure for what ails you!

Dungeon Bandits Weekly "Fight Night"!

Starting on the 6th March, we will be hosting Fight night, a chance to test your might against people of all classes and skill levels.


  • There will be initial games of 4vs4
  • A GM will be present in each match, but will not take part.
  • You may pre-book your team, but it can only consist of 2 people.
  • After the first 4vs4(s), the winning side(s), will then be split into another match. (Winners vs Winner
  • Once we have only 4 players left they will be put into a 2vs2 match.
  • The winner of this 2vs2 will be named champions of the week.

The amount of initial games set up will depend on the amount of players wishing to take part.

If you wish to take part please visit this forum post and add your details.

Event Sign-up

Winners from this event will be also be eligible for monthly, quarterly and yearly contests.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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