I am now going to admit to you something that I've never admitted to anyone in my life. . . I don't read lore. It's not something that attracts me. With that said, I have read Dusktreader's Lycan Lore. I was spellbound through the entire piece.

The army cut large swaths through the forest as they advanced, and built siege weapons from the trees. Large bonfires burned through the nights. Alcoa’s walls were too high and its city too well protected to directly attack it, so the invading army took camp outside of its gates. Controlling the fertile lands beyond the city, they hoped to starve them into submission. While the months passed, the men of Isathule foraged the wilderness clean for many miles.

Pauh appeared to the tribal leader Trigould and told him of the ruin the army wrought on the land. True to his word, Trigould gathered his hunters and their large grey wolves to prepare to defend the land.

As Trigould and his clansmen approached the encampment, they saw the army of Isathule outnumbered the hunters of Cohanna nearly ten to one. Trigould knew their chances of victory were slim, and even with the goddess behind them he feared the loss of his tribe.

If you're looking for a good story you have to read the rest.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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