DUST 514 made the jump to open beta in January and now that some of the kinks have been worked out, CCP is shifting its focus to further refine game features and the shooter’s interaction with EVE Online. This week a new dev blog offers some tips and insight into the workings of planetary conquest in DUST 514 and how players can use that knowledge to help build their own empire in the EVE universe.

In DUST 514, players take over planets that are shared with the EVE Online universe. Those planets are broken up into between 5 and 24 districts that serve as both the industrial complex and battlefield for DUST 514 players. By capturing these areas, players can accumulate important resources such as the military-grade clone. Excess amounts can be sold for profit, but you might want to keep it out of the hands of your enemies.

You can capture various areas for different benefits and upgrades. And if you just don’t have enough firepower, you can always call on an EVE ally for an orbital bombardment strike.

EVE Online pilots in your corporation or alliance will be able to provide orbital support from above your districts, raining down fire on your targets in real time. Savvy player organizations may want to field a defense fleet to provide covering fire for troops on the ground and defend the space above from any enemy vessels. Note that friendly fire will be enabled for infantry weapons, vehicles, and orbital strikes, so precise target calling is important.

Source: DUST 514 Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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