EVE Online’s live server, Tranquility, is about to get some new recruits. CCP today announced that the DUST 514 closed beta players will be migrating from the Singularity test server to Tranquility on Thursday, January 10th, adding the FPS mercs of DUST 514 to the full EVE universe, which means that you can expect to see some new discussions in the local chat and the inevitable interaction between mercs and corporations to secure certain assets within the game. While the move is being made to EVE's live server, DUST 514 will still remain in closed beta for the time being. But if all goes as planned, this will be the final character reset.

For now we are remaining in closed beta from the DUST side of things but short of anything catastrophic occurring as we head towards open beta (knock on wood) this will be the last reset for DUST characters. So enjoy those skill points mercenaries, you earned them.

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The EVE universe is about to get a whole lot bigger woith DUST 514.

The more obvious changes will include the addition of mercs planetside that are willing to either join a corporation to fight for galactic domination or just take on contracts for pay. Either way, the battle in the EVE universe is about to get a bit more interesting as the spaceship fighting of EVE collides with the FPS of DUST 514.

In the interest of economic balance, CCP will be restricting ISK trades temporarily.

In particular the economic balance between a 10-year-old space simulation and a brand new free to play MMOFPS is an obvious concern. So, for this first release, any ISK transfer between EVE and DUST characters will be blocked. This will then be replaced by a taxable transfer mechanism with the intention of easing the currency control to 0% and removing it entirely once we are happy the economies have reached an equilibrium.

CCP also teased a few details of what’s in store for the next expansion and how it will play into the integration of DUST 514 into the EVE universe.

We are already hard at work on the next expansion where you will see things like player owned districts, tighter economic integration and more incentives for EVE characters and corporations to take part in the politics, logistics and outcomes of DUST 514 battles. The design teams will be working with the CSM this year to make sure these plans sit well with capsuleers and mercenaries alike.

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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