CCP’s annual fan and developer gathering known as EVE Fanfest gets underway later this week and DUST 514 players, now a part of the EVE universe, will have the chance to learn the latest news about the future of the cross-platform universe during the event. While the event has been sold out for some time now, livestreams will be available for those that want to tune in from their PCs.

As an added bonus for DUST 514 players not heading down to Iceland this week, CCP will be holding Mercenary Holocon, a new in-game event for DUST 514 that will give players a chance to earn triple skill points for each battle fought from April 24th through May 2nd. CCP will also be holding a 40% discount sale on 7-day Active Boosters during the event.

EVE Fanfest will be held at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland from April 25th through April 27th.

Source: DUST 514 Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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