Reportedly got away with 13 million Euros

You may have heard recently about the hacker that got into Valve's computers, stole credit cards, company financial statements, and even an in-development game or two. Then he bragged incessantly about it.

Well, he got his rear arrested by the Dutch Police. Woohoo Dutch Police! Of the many things he spent other people's money on, most of it seems to have gone to online poker of all things.

According to the new story on IT Examiner, the hacker responsible has been arrested. In addition to offenses against the two publishers, MaddoxX (whose real name is as yet unreported) also allegedly stole the credit card data for 50,000 customers from "an English tickets site".

The story published by NRC reveals that the damages may total 13m euros, stemming from the perpetrator's fraudulent use of the card numbers to buy electronics and play online poker.

No statement has yet been issued by any of the affected companies.

It's so disappointing. We finally find a geek with the skills do to this, and he doesn't use the money to make even one girl robot. /sigh.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016