Size matters.

E3 Insider has posted a very interesting with the people who put together the network for E3. Imagine building a portable network that can handle the stresses of an event like E3.

"There is enough horsepower to run several cities. There are over 50 miles of Gigabit Fiber and Ethernet connections throughout 25 IDF locations. E3 requires 87 separate, custom, isolated networks INSIDE the building to provide 4200 fully route-able networks, over 2000 more translated networks to the Internet and 1000 non-routable testing and secure-private networks. This provides a capacity in excess of 7200 devices with Internet Connectivity. The E3 Network is monitored and managed 24x7 via Redundant, Fault Tolerant Monitoring Systems in the on-site Network Operations Center (NOC) and also via the Main showNets NOC in Atlanta, GA. A small Army of showNets technicians runs in excess of 6 miles of custom, temporary, Ethernet Cable throughout the LACC, providing downstream connectivity from showNets designed customer LAN's to end stations in the booths."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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