E3 is all about numbers this year.

The number of attendees is lower, the number of companies participating is lower, the number of breaking stories is also lower, so far, but it is only the first day. What is bigger about E3 this year? To be honest, it looks like all of the games are getting bigger, by an integer of 1. Instead of new IPs, we get Fallout 3, Dawn of War II(aka 2), Geometry Wars 2, Fable 2, Red Alert 3, Rock Band 2 and they are all played on the XBox 360 (which is really XBox 2), Playstation 3 and the Wii (which is really the Gamecube 2 right?).

We'll keep our eyes peeled and wade through the "deep and meaningful" marketing materials to bring news of any MMO developments. So far Microsoft is the only major company to complete it's press pony show where the only thing of note was not about gaming, but NetFlix coming to XBox 360. Later today is Electronic Arts so maybe, just maybe there will be a shred of new information on something that someone cares about.

Tomorrow Sony and at an unrelated location to E3, Activision will both have press announcements, so let's cross our fingers.

On Wednesday, the home state of Medeor (Texas) Governor Rick Perry will be the keynote speaker. I hear he is a huge GTA4 fan, or was is GT2 or RB2? I don't know, I'm sure it was some game with a number in it. Maybe he is an honorary member of L80ETC?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016