Dodging Banana Dart? No innuendo there, at all. Nope.

Elf Online recently released an announcement which explains some of the wacky weapons you can expect to see in their game.

The weapon system of Elf Online ( is composed of short weapon, long distant weapon, double weapon, soft weapon, boxing tools, etc. Here we will introduce some interesting weapons which are out of common imagination.

Boxing Chicken Leg Stick, please notice that it’s not a delicious fried chicken leg from KFC or Macdonald, so when you see it, please cautious and stop your mouth watering despite its attractive smell.

Dodging Banana Dart. Does it made from banana? May be. It makes sense that even banana peel can make you slip down, let alone banana dart. Please pay more attention to it.

Toilet Brushes for Knights. Judged from its name, we can guess it’s a noble weapon for the cavalier, but, toilet brush? Ha-ha, I can’t believe it even when I saw.

Read more at the official website.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016