A Guide to Building A Guild

Ever wondered what it took to create a truly successful guild? Too frightened of guild politics to try and make a guild of your own? Look no further than Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to Build a Guild, created by the man-in-the-game, Chris "Spare" Higgins. With several successful guilds under his belt, Chris attempts to explain how to successfully structure a guild and what kind of leader it takes to push a guild to popularity.

An outstanding guild leader always puts the needs of his guild before their own and makes sure everyone has what they need to survive in an MMO. Don't totally neglect yourself, as the guild leader you should exemplify what people look up to, but if you are stock piling for no reason other than to stock pile and a new guild member needs specific items, the right thing to do would be give them the items you don't need.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016