The Time Has Come!

Elf Online continues to ask for community support to help shape the game in the future.

Like most MMORPGs, Elf Online has experienced from been neglected to receiving playersÂ’ compliment. Memory seems still vivid when Elf Online begun its close beta to open beta. Anyway, the game itself could not sleep on the past while look forward not. Just because of your long-time support and unremitting concern, Elf Online proceeds without hesitation.

Look back to the developing track of Elf Online, your supports are never absent from this game for a while. Many zealous fans put forward their practical advices or suggestions via forum or chatting tool, not only for the game sake, but also in the name of share and progress together. As the saying goes, Advice when most needed is least heeded, just as bitter medicine cures sickness, so unpalatable advice benefits conduct. Carry forward your high expectation and solid support, Elf Online will stride forward more confidently and steadfastly.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016