This year celebrates 10 amazing years for the online gaming masterpiece EverQuest, which will make Fan Faire 2009 a huge birthday party! To add to the fun and festivities, a documentary featuring the veteran game will be premiered during the event.

EverQuest. EverCracked! The Phenomenon of EverQuest takes a look back at everything that has made EQ one of the greatest games ever made. Viewers will watch as developers, industry professionals, and players share their memories. They will also be the first to see some never before published footage!

EverCracked! celebrates EverQuest’s legacy by taking a look at the past, present and future of the franchise. The film, hosted by veteran video game developer and personality Jace Hall, includes never-before-seen footage and interviews with industry moguls and longtime players. EverCracked! details the events, products, personalities and art that graced the world of Norrath over the years, with many tongue-in-cheek moments that befit EverQuest’s own sense of fun and humor.

“EverQuest was such an influential title; many people don’t realize just how daunting of a task it was to create,” said Jace Hall, President of HD Films. “With this documentary we were able to tell the epic story of the game and the people behind it while incorporating the light-hearted signature of the Jace Hall Show.”

This will certainly be a monumental event for the lucky Fan Faire attendees! For more information on the event and the documentary, you can visit this link.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016