Ten Ton Hammer is adding to the EverQuest II FAQ bit by bit! We've recently added a class section to the FAQ, and much more will be coming soon!

Why would I choose to play EQ2 over all the other games out there?

EverQuest II currently provides 24 class choices, 19 playable races, and 5 starting cities that are available via the original game and with the 4 game expansions: Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky, Echoes of Faydwer, and Rise of Kunark. The content provided in EQ2 is amazing and this game has both the benefits of having the look and stellar graphics of a newer game balanced with having been around long enough to be smooth and well rounded.

Come see what great info we have included for our readers who are interested in finding out more about this award winning game.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016