It's almost like Norrathian Christmas.

It's an exciting time for EverQuest 2 fans with everything that's going on lately. If Halloween coming to Norrath wasn't enough, there are also Kunark Pre-Orders to make and a freshly relaunched EverQuest 2 website to gawk at.

From the press release:

The Shard of Fear!
Even before we find ourselves in the Nights of the Dead, the Shard of Fear brings forth our worst nightmares. Remnants from the Plane of Fear have manifested themselves and are now accessible through the Fear Gate in the Feerrott. Dare you face your terrors in this new Level 70 group zone? The Shard of Fear also incorporates persistent instance technology and can be taken on in steps should your group need time away from the computer! Only seasoned adventurers traveling in groups should dare tread into this realm of terror and dread!

Halloween comes to Norrath!
Trick-or-Treating, Haunted Houses and an eerie raid mark the beginning of Nights of the Dead in Norrath! Collect candy from NPC's in the cities to earn Halloween rewards, free spirits in the Haunted House to unbind them from their haunting curse and quest on a hair-raising raid all hallows eve! Nights of the Dead is set to haunt Norrath from 10/26/07 to 11/05/07. Re-launched for Rise of Kunark
Just in time for the RoK pre-order and expansion, has been re-launched with new content and features! Check out the website to get a look at some cool new artwork for RoK and a host of new information for prospective players. New and veteran EQII players will find news and information about the game, the trial, our latest update, and more! The changes you find at are just the beginning of a series of changes that add more information about the game for all players and people looking to learn more about the game.

Rise of Kunark Pre-order Now Available
The Rise of Kunark expansion for EverQuest II is now available for pre-order! Can't wait to get your hands on the expansion? Want to see what's inside the box? Now you don't have to wait to see it on the shelves, you can check out the RoK pre-order website and get the details. As a special bonus, everyone who pre-orders EverQuest II Rise of Kunark will receive one (1) Burynai Seeker house pet per account!

If you want more info, be sure to hop over to the shiny new site and read your fill.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016