EQ2 Interviews: The Blooper Reel Part Deux

I see dead people ..kissing? No, don't be silly, we only kiss goats around here!

Do you think goat kissing, naked Kerrans, and great and powerful spaghetti monsters seem amusing? Yeah, we didn't either until we read this article, but trust us, it IS funny. If you enjoy a good chuckle, then please stop on by and give this week's Coyote Sharptongue feature a read!

"OH GREAT AND POWERFUL FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!" Tom cries as he throws himself to his knees. "LOOK DOWN upon your loyal worshippers and form your noodles into a smile of pride! For we have supped at the Olive Garden of wisdom, and we have chewed on the garlic of righteousness and WE HAVE -" The prophet's screams are interrupted by the reporter yanking him rudely to his feet.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016