One of the many highlights of the upcoming EverQuest II live update, Shards of Destiny, is the ability to relive your lower level days through the exciting feature of Chronomagic.

This feature allows a player to reduce their level by visiting an NPC, magically making lower level content rewarding and fun! EQ2 Community Manager Kiara explains the basics with an entertaining story.

Kiara rolled her eyes. "Yes, that would be terribly exciting... since all those creatures cower in fear when I ride past. In case you couldn't tell, I've quite outgrown the tame local woods. I haven't been frightened of those since I was a child in Freeport." She turned to stalk away again, bored with the stranger and his inane ramblings.

"Ah, but you explored them as a seasoned adventurer... I can make it so you face them as a younger elf!"


The strange erudite whispered an incantation and glowing runes settled about the stunned dark elf.

You can read more of Kiara's adventures and find out a bit more about Chronomagic by visiting this link.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016