EverQuest II has a new feature that you might see pop up the next time you log in that has some players talking! The latest aid in player news and communication is a new Welcome Screen that pops up every time you log in. It will display server, guild, and official forum info as well as highlighting the Station Marketplace.

The Community section will let you know all the most recent information about events or other things you need to know.

The CS Section will keep you updated on important downtime messages!

All the information you need is now all in one place and easy to find. You won't have to sort through multiple windows anymore!

It's fast and easy to use and when you're done catching up on all the latest information, just hit escape and jump into your gaming.

Visit EQ2 Players to find out all the details and the official forums to share your thoughts on this handy new player tool.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016