The Little Things: (Mis)Adventures in Harvesting

The GU#36 went live today, and with it came a load of small tradeskill changes that will make a world of difference. Guest Author, Niami DenMother from EQ2 Traders Corner, shares a fun series highlighting some of the more helpful updates. In this segment, the Den Mum teams up with our very own Coyote (and Krunnk!) for some interesting and amusing antics!

An Ogre stood quietly by her side as he joined her in observing the fleeing Kerran. Fresh honey coated his face and hands as he swatted absently at a cloud of angry bees that swarmed his head. Dipping a mammoth paw into a badly battered hive, he pulled forth another fistful of honey and shoved it into his gaping mouth.

"Fast kitty." The hulking brute said in appreciation of the departed Kerran's speed as he slurped loudly on his stolen treat.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016