A new Crier is up.

Hark! Be that the Town Crier I spy? He brings us tidings from the far reaches of Norrath's influence. Be they dismal, strange, or otherwise? Let us observe as he waxes eloquent about current affairs.

# The Town Crier stopped by the nuker of all things living or not Aggro me, only this time he wasn't nuking. Aggo Me was enjoying a video he found titled EQII Parkour. The Town Crier enjoyed it!
# In the land of OGaming the Town Crier came upon some useful information that he thought he'd shout back to all. The Claymore Quest guide has been shown for all passers by!
# The Town Crier travels far and wide and this week he stopped to visit the Caster's Realm. With a good chuckle and a smile or 3, The Town Crier sends back the news of a new Jethal comic "Tradeskill Blues".
# Where hammers weigh in at Ten Tons discussions are abundant. A visit with Slide discovers the "Repetition of Gaming" while Kiara explains why "I can't believe it's not Butter!".For those looking for a little aide and assitance the "Heritage Quests Compendium" should fit the bill nicely and those looking for class help might want to look into the "Troubador's Songbook".

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016