You know, no matter what we say about SOE, they do put out alot of updates and new content. It's pretty impressive considering the biggest MMO in history has put out so little and their first expansion pack is months away. I have issues but that's a whole other editorial. Get your Update #22 notes are available.

Live Update #22. April 13, 2006

- Celebrate the holidays as the Brew Day Festival comes to Norrath!
- Recruit new guild members easily with the new guild recruitment system!
- Explore a dangerous new raid zone in Kingdom of Sky: The Lyceum of Abhorrence!
- Get a haircut or a shave from barbers in your home city!
- New treasures and challenges await in the icy caverns of Permafrost!
- New rewards have been discovered within the treacherous depths of the Obelisk of Lost Souls!
- Great treasures await those willing to risk certain peril in the Wailing Caves!
- Orc tribes across Norrath have formed a dangerous new alliance with the Rujarkian orcs from the Desert of Ro!

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