Update: A new update puts to rest most concerns of any nefarious doings.

EverQuest II player Katherine Masson reportedly went missing during her drive home from a business meeting in Las Vegas. As gamers often do in a time of crisis, her friends in the gaming community of The Raven-Mythic, an EverQuest II guild, quickly mobilized and are providing regular updates in a forum thread and calling for help in locating her.

According to a post by Lyah, one of the members of The Raven-Mythic, Masson was driving back to her home in New Hampshire from Las Vegas where she lives with her roommate. After sending a text from nearly two days ago, she has not been heard from since. She’s described as being “5'2" to 5'4", around 180lbs, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, a mole on her chin, and a small cat tattoo on the back of one shoulder.” Katherine, known in EverQuest II as Jia, Essie, Ashtari, and Willasye, last reported location was at a rest stop off I-90 in Albany, New York heading toward Boston. Anyone with possible information can pass it along to Dan at [email protected]

With any luck she’ll have a quick and safe return.

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Source: The Raven-Mythic

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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