Over on Errant Penman, Hobo Gamer (known as Isarri) has put together an amazing article that goes into great depth on Crowfall and what exactly the game is offering. From Campaign Worlds to Voxel Farms and the Hunger, it's in depth but easily digested. Accompanied by some perfectly placed pictures, videos and quotes, it's a one stop shop to everything you need.

By now, even those of you living under a rock have likely encountered the next game in my Hobo Gamer series – Crowfall, the new upcoming MMO currently under development by ArtCraft Entertainment. Having just completed its Kickstarter with abundant success, Crowfall now enters the long march into serious development, with fans – particularly those from old-school PvP MMOs – electrified by ArtCraft’s updates on the game in about the same way as young women receiving unexpected Christmas gifts from Taylor Swift. So what has everyone excited?

Having covered Crowfall in this weeks Tea and Toast, I wish I'd have found this post earlier. There's some nuggets of information here that I found interesting and useful. Small blogs such as Hobo Gamer need supporting and when the quality of writing is of this standard, I'm more than happy to. Check it out. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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