You might have recently read that Lineage II is one of the top 10 earners for subscription based games in 2013 (with Lineage I at the #2 slot), so not only is it a good time to be Lineage II, but it's also a good time to put out new content. That makes it a great time to be a Lineage II player. Ertheia is a free expansion for players, which also includes incentives for both new and returning players, where the original races of Einhasad are united for the first time in the game's history, via dimentional rift, so they can team together and fight to defeating the Goddess of Destruction, Shilen.

A new chapter in a story that's been ten years in the making isn't the only new content for players, either. First of all, players will have access to a new race, which bare the same name as the expansion, the Ertheia, which will be either Warriors (which look more like traditional monk-type classes from other games) or Wizards. The Ertheia page has fun, interactive gifs that animate upon mouse hover.

In addition, two new stats are added into the game: Charisma and Luck. Charisma affects all of your fighting skills, from attack to health to defense. The higher your Charisma, the more all of these stats increase. Luck affects a multitude of areas, from dodging to crafting to looting. It's true to its name. High points in Luck will allow players to dodge lethal blows, which is sure to be helpful in the new time instance, hunting zones and adventures.

Players level 40 or highter, who are or become the Ertheia, will also have access to the Ertheia racial skill, Alchemy. Since the expansion seems to have a theme of twos, Alchemy is available in one of two forms: Combination (combining materials to make new materials for the use of the other part of Alchemy) and Transmutation (allows players to change items into other items). Transmutation has four levels of mastery, and players will be able to transmute dyes, scrolls, potions and stones.

Earlier, I mentioned incentives for new and returning players. From their press release:

Players who have paused in their pursuit of justice are invited to return and claim a Welcome Back Pack to help them get back into fighting shape. And players who create new characters will find some very helpful items in their inventory to make their journey easier, including a free mount!

To learn more about the Return Back Pack or Welcome Back Pack, depending on which announcement you're reading, head over to the Lineage II page about what's in it. NC Soft did not release details on the “helpful items” for new players.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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