Eskenian Peninsula is a pretty neat location in Skyforge, lore wise, because it's basically an island with demon portals that tourists found, settled on, and then the volcano erupted letting the demons into the party. It's going to be available at launch, assuming it's not already in the closed beta, and looks like to a great place for adventure, loot, and questing:

One day, like a dormant volcano, the inevitable finally arrived as the ancient seals that held the demons at bay finally gave way, delivering the monsters back into our realm. Swarms of creatures poured into the temple through the breach, causing the local inhabitants to call out for the assistance of Aelion’s Immortals in cleansing the threat and restoring peace.

In a twist of bad luck, the resulting disturbance caused local Phytonide plantations from previous wars to awake from their stasis and provoking these carnivorous plants into attacking anyone attempting to flee the Demonic hordes. Those who’ve managed to survive have taken refuge in the labyrinths of the ancient galleries and halls while they await rescue. It will be up to the Immortals of Aelion to fend off the Eskenian Peninsula from the flood of Demons and Phytonides, as without their help, this beautiful region is sure to turn into a decrepit wasteland of darkness.

Skyforge is a conglamarate of a group of maps and dungeons, sort of like the original Guild Wars, that players can adventure on. While not having one huge persistant world like World of Warcraft makes it less of a tradditional MMO, it does allow for variety in maps, because not everything is required to be thematically cohesive (one map attached to the next doesn't have to blend art styles). This allows them to create these really neat islands, sections, and allow players to explore all over the entire world in a scale that I haven't seen before.

Here is the video about the island, which is entertaining. "Whatever their motive may be.":

As you can see, there isn't a lot to talk about, but it's rather pretty and I can't wait to play it. You can read the full lore background on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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