Popular SciFi themed EVE Online which started off as almost a cult classic has come together over the years releasing numerous expansions. Putting aside complex and rewarding gameplay it's also widely known for it's conspiracies, drama, and most recently epic exploit. A new milestone was reached recently as the single shard which holds every player reached 45,000 concurrent users.

What a great way to start out 2009--a new PCU (Peak Concurrent User) record of 45,186! While we've made tremendous serverside changes in the EVE Online infrastructure with the EVE64 and StacklessIO initiatives, it is truly a testament to our loyal fans that 5 years into EVE's existence we are still breaking records and more people are flying in New Eden than ever before.

We know we'll be trying to find leftover champagne from New Year's EVE to celebrate. When we do, we'll toast to you!

Source: Official EVE Site

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016