CCP has added two new dev blogs to the EVE Online website today that will both add and remove things from the game.

First up is a blog from CCP Atlus about the session timers that players may be familiar with. It’s that little 30s pause between specific actions. As it turns out, this little feature that was implemented long ago isn’t as needed in EVE Online as it once was. The first change to the timer will reduce it from 30s to 20s, but the session timer for changing ships in stations was tossed out with Incarna. The timer may be reduced even further pending testing.

Next up is a blog from CCP Affinity, which brings to more flying in space improvements for EVE Online. Team BFF has been hard at work on iterating a few new changes that include adding more bosses and modules, which provide more reasons to send things to a fiery explosive grave in the dead cold of space. All this while Team Pink Zombie Kittens has been re-balancing Magnometric sites and increasing values to allow T2 rig BPCs to savage more components.

There’s also a change going in for exploration dungeons that will automatically despawn them within a few minutes after completion to prevent players are inside cloaked or not. The dungeons will respawn elsewhere to provide exploration players and alliances more sites to explore. Additionally, CCP Punkturis has been working on a minimize function for pop-up messages in dungeons so that you don’t have to miss the storyline because an enemy is trying to penetrate your hull with their torpedo.

Some of the changes are now on Singularity and the rest are expected to launch with EVE Online’s winter expansion.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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