They WANT you to have a second account.

EVE Online will be offering their players a second account, at a discount, for a limited time with their latest promotional offer, "Power of Two."

It's lonely sometimes, in deep, dark space. All those vessels zooming by, going every which way, chattering excitedly with their corp mates or just each other on local, while you're left all alone, your lasers forlornly nibbling away at an asteroid.

Sometimes you wish you had someone there, by your side. Someone who could share in the good and the bad: Pat you on the back after a long day of hauling, clap excitedly when you take down a pirate, and cry for you when you're blown to shreds with a full set of implants. Someone you can trust. Someone you can rely on. Someone you can feed to the gatecampers when you need to make a quick getaway.

We can give you that someone. We can bring that new dimension to your life, that special fluttery moment when you realize there are now two of you going through life's hardships. Together. As a Power of 2.

Find out more at EVE's website, here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016