In a rather shocking turn of events in EVE Online, one of the largest and most well-known alliances in the game's history, GoonSwarm, has been disbanded. After what can best be described as a failure of leadership with a side order of drama, the alliance lost its sovereign territories in the Delve and was plagued by infighting afterward. The drama came to a head on February 2nd, when CEO Karttoon disbanded GoonSwarm and began kicking out directors.

The Mittani, a contributing columnist, was a member of the now disbanded GoonSwarm and author of the Sins of a Solar Spymaster feature here at Ten Ton Hammer. You will be able to get The Mittani's thoughts on the recent events of the GoonSwarm disbanding next week in his next Sins of a Solar Spymaster feature. Here is a small excerpt from the next article.

Whoosh. Sov drops in most of Goonswarm territory. Not only us, but Legion of Xdeath and Wildly Inappropriate. At first, the assumption was that this was a bug, given how efficient and well-coded Dominion is. However, it turned out that all of these alliances had suffered a case of high-level idiotic neglect, and that we were all probably screwed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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