EVE Online is known for its devious politics and backroom deals that help shape the controversial atmosphere of the game, but the final match of this year's Alliance Tournament IX may have set a new level for devious plans. After cutting through the competition, the final match came down to two teams: Hydra Reloaded and Outbreak. As thousands of fans looked on, the match got underway with Outbreak taking out two of Hydra's ships early and clearly having a decisive victory in their grasp. Unfortunately, viewers figured out all too soon that it was all a setup.

As it turns out Hydra Reloaded and Outbreak were working together, and just as it appeared Outbreak was about to finish off Hydra Reloaded, they ceased attacking Hydra's remaining Vindicators and shifted their focus to the hard-to-kill support ships, allowing Hydra to use their remaining Vindicators to decimate each of Outbreak's ships one at a time, bringing the final match of the tournament to a disappointing close.

Why did Outbreak throw the match? According to Hydra's post, the teams had been working closely together and the final match was supposed to be a "hardcore brawl." But after Hydra essentially lost the fight early, Outbreak felt that Hydra deserved the victory. Unfortunately, their efforts to make it look like a good fight fell a bit short.

Needless to say, the viewing EVE Online audience was not happy. Hydra has since apologized for the poor showing in a post on the EVE forums and offered up a detailed post as to what the goals for the tournament had been and how the group had cleverly been hiding their plans while spying on the competition and training in secret. Like it or not, the two groups pulled of an impressive plan, all be it with a disappointing ending.



EVE Online Alliance Tournament IX

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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