CCP released their April EVE Online newsletter today which provides a number of interesting tidbits including who is running in the Council of Stellar Management election and a guide to the market. A link to the Alliance news RSS feed and even EVE's Twitter are also available.

Interstellar Correspondents are roving reporters who are always keeping a watchful eye on New Eden, from the war-torn regions of space to the propaganda front of GalNet (the EVE-O Boards). The news they bring you isn't fan fiction or creative lore, but true accounts of the political machinations and massive wars engaged in by the players of EVE Online. Follow the news on the official site under the Player News Center or bookmark the Alliance News RSS feed and have the latest reports as soon as they are released.

Be sure to check out the entire newsletter at the official EVE Online site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016