With a major economy slump happening all over the world, what would you do to make a few bucks? Reuters broke the news today that a major EVE Online bank corporation embezzled billions of kredits from players and then traded them for real life cash. The player known as Ricdic made off with about 200 billion of players hard earned in-game currency to cover his own real life finances and he wasn't shy about making a statement on the theft.

He broke the rules of the game by exchanging the stolen virtual funds for $6,300 Australian ($5,100) with players who preferred to buy virtual money rather than earn it playing the game.

"It was a very on the spot decision," the married father of two explained in an interview.

He said a spam email for a black market website that traded online money for real cash popped up on his screen, prompting him to exchange the virtual cash for real money to cover a deposit on his house and expenses related to his son's medical problems.

"I saw that as an avenue that could be taken, and I decided to skim off the top, you could say, to overcome real life (difficulties)."

Ricdic's account has subsequently been banned by CCP, but this does nothing for the loss of kredits for so many players.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016