EVE Online players will soon find that supercapitals are a little easier to kill. In today’s EVE Online dev blog, CCP Tallest outlined a list of planned balance changes to the monster ship of the EVE universe.

To address some of the concerns continually voiced by many EVE Online players that supercapitals are too hard to kill and far too versatile, CCP will be making a few balance changes that include – reducing supercapital and titan shields, hull hitpoints and armor by 20%, reducing the size of supercapital drone bays and making only fighter and fighter bomber drones available and completely removing drone bays for titans and dreadnaughts, but dreadnaughts will be getting a boost to the damage bonus of Siege Module I to offset the loss of the drone bay with a reduction to the Siege Mode I duration from 10 minutes to 5 and a cut in the Strontium Clathrate cost by half.

Titans will also be getting some tweaks to their superweapon. The titan superweapon will no longer be able to fire on sub-capital ships.

Lastly, CCP is making a change to logging off and combat. Previously, players could log off and likely save their ships after the 15 minute countdown timer automatically removed their ships from the game even during combat. That tactic is going away. With the new changes, if a player’s ship is engaged in combat by other players when they log out, that timer will not save them so long as the enemy is blasting away.

The new changes are scheduled to roll in this winter.

The debate about the changes is already raging on the EVE Online forums. Do you think the changes are good? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: EVE Online Dev blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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