What the heck could kill 67,000+ ships that quick?

In a matter of just hours last Friday, more that 67,000 ships were destroyed at the trading hub of Jita in EVE Online. No one knows what the cause of this destruction was, but it left a red spot of death on the map big enough to engulf almost the known entire universe. Theories range from a graphical glitch on the map, to an orchestrated event by the EVE Online Dev's, attempting to set the tone for upcoming race war in the Empyrean Age expansion.

Theories about the event can be found in multiple forum threads, ranging from the plausible to the absurd. A few players expressed the view that multiple convoys of freighters offloaded their cargo of ships into space at one location, and somehow ignited the mass in a doomsday-level conflagration. Some feel that it was all orchestrated by EVE Online's developers to help set the tone for factional warfare between the races, which is about to consume EVE's pilots in the Empyrean Age expansion. Others point out the most likely cause of the mayhem: it was simply a bug... a map glitch. No official explanation from CCP Games has been given for the occurrence, nor has EVE's Interstellar Correspondents covered news of the event.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016