EVE announces new expansion, MIDAS.

CCP has announced the EVE winter expansion codenamed MIDAS. No real details have been released but apparently there will be a heavy influence on the industrial side of the game. Will this be the expansion that ambulation truly comes to fruition? Can we expect some major changes to factional warfare? Check out the mew exclusive video interview at Ten Ton Hammer.

While we're discussing ambulation, stop by the opinion piece detailing why ambulation is going to make EVE huge. Do you think that this will finally rip the cover off of EVE and people will come pouring in? Is the lack of avatars the reason EVE has grown slowly but consistently over time, or is some other reason the driving force of EVE's modest yet promising growth? While I think ambulation may provide some people with additional ways to personalize their adventures, or give a face to a name, I don't believe that is the missing ingredient keeping EVE in the good but not great category. What do you think, will moving avatars really float your boat (or ship in this case)? If you aren't an EVE player, will this get you to try it? If you are an EVE player, will this be the icing on the cake? Let me know.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016