EVE Online Patches Empyrean Age with a cure for the Jita complex.

EVE Online continues to show why its players are number one as they step up to the plate and fix issues instead of the traditional blow of response of "working as intended" other developers tend to give. Tomorrow's patch for the Empyrean Age 1.1.1 will provide three key aspects to avoiding the lag magnet known as Jita. From CCP:

* A new autopilot feature has been added: Avoid System. This will allow you to set systems, constellations or even entire regions to be ignored by your autopilot. By default, all autopilots will avoid Jita unless you configure it otherwise.
* Dynamic System Cap: We have implemented a system that allows us to set a maximum number of players that are allowed into a given solar system. At this time only Jita has this cap set. The cap can be changed during runtime and we will be adjusting it in the coming days as we make software improvements and add more hardware to Jita.
* An Auto-Move feature has been added to the login process. If you are trying to log into a system that currently has more people in it than the dynamic cap (see above), you will be given the option of moving yourself to a neighbouring system.

As you can guess, this has been a major issue for EVE players and this provides for multiple safeguards against falling into the black lag-hole. I'm certain some will find the idea of a player cap of any type to go against the EVE grain, but in the interest of game play, sometimes a corner needs to be rounded. To view the entire patch note list, go to My Eve(subscription required).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016