You read that right. An EVE Online player, a Caldari pilot named NTRabbit, has amassed over 100 million skill points. While most of MMO fans have no concept of how long it might take to achieve those crucial nine digits (and most of us probably never will), it can honestly be tallied as a remarkable feat of dedication. His posts on the official forums are nostalgic, but they also carry with them a dash of self-importance that any player that achieves that sort of skill level should carry with them. Here's a snippet:

The Guiding Hand Social Club provided me with opportunities for destruction on a grand scale. I participated in many... ventures. Theft, murder, more simple mercenary work, but always with a grand objective and an even grander tale at the end. Sometimes it even got to the point where my presence in a system would scare entire gangs, even the erroneously vaunted MC, into docking, just in case I was “pulling some more bs”.

Eventually Tyrrax Thorrk realised the utility of my skillset in the tournament; since then, I have participated in all, with mixed results. I was in the Curse when the Imperial Apocalypse was destroyed – a disappointing result, but quite epic to watch in person.

You can check out his whole dialogue over on the EVE official forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016