CCP provides some answers to the Jita Conundrum.

Poster CCP Atlas explains with some excellent screen shots the way that EVE Online is going to solve the problem of lag-intense Jita system and how they can avoid instituting player population caps like they had to earlier this week. Through some universe manipulation and auto-pilot game play mechanic changes, CCP appears to be working tirelessly on this issue. The end result should satisfy all involved. Nonni describes in the conclusion that the changes to the game itself are:

"... being implemented at the same time as we're aggressively optimizing our software backbone to provide a smoother playing experience in Jita. That is, however, outside the scope of this devblog.

Our goal is to create an environment where players don't have to go to Jita unless they want to. This is very important to the overall player experience.

Together, these two avenues of attacking the problem should provide the EVE denizens with a much smoother and more consistent playing experience. It's not a silver bullet, but every little bit helps.

Read more about the details of the resolution at MyEVE (if you're one of those without a subscription, just understand that there is an area the size of a local shopping mall that all 250,000 players have to squeeze through in big spaceships and now the developers are fixing it).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016