Mmm... infobits.

If you're just shaking for some new Trinity information from the EVE Online people, you're in luck. They just launched their new Trinity Feature Site with a host of tasty infobits for your reading and viewing pleasure.

EVE Online: Trinity will be coming to your computer this winter, and we don't want to keep all the cool information to ourselves. Plenty of sneak peeks were shown at the Fanfest, now it is time to bring more of the Trinity expansion to light.

The EVE Online: Trinity Feature Site is now online and available for viewing. Be sure to check out the features, Developer interviews, screen shots and wallpapers that are available and make sure you have something handy to clean up any drool the new content might cause! As Trinity evolves, more content will be added!

Check it out at the EVE website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016